09 2 / 2012

I legitimately want to start blogging regularly. I’m thinking an easy way to keep up with it, is to do weekly blogs. But if something exciting happens in-between then, I’ll make a post about it. I don’t know… I just don’t want to say I’m going to blog every day, and stop doing it a few days into it. Hopefully this will be a more realistic goal.

So, I think I should start with with what’s been going on with me somewhat-recently;

  • I graduated from beauty school for nails and skin care February of ‘11. I am a licensed nail technician, skin care specialist (esthetician), and makeup artist. I have yet to get a job in my career-field, though. Most spas and salons want employees with experience. I still send out my resume whenever I hear of an opening, though. Still keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I am planning on returning to community college next semester. I’m in the process of re-enrolling, since the last class I took was over a year ago. I’m thinking of majoring in art or anthropology, but I’m not really sure yet. I’m dreading having to take boring, dull prerequisites.
  • I started working at a Subway/Circle K this past July but I got transferred to another store and the manager there screwed me over, so I quit my second day there. I am currently unemployed because of that, but since I’m still living at home, there’s no real rush to go out and find a soul-crushing job. I am filling out applications actively, though.
  • I am in a truly incredibly gloriously fulfilling relationship with the beautiful, intelligent, clever, loving girl of my dreams. We have been together since mid/late-October of this year, but we’ve had deep feelings for each other pretty much since the day we met. Getting to this point took some time, but in the end, it was all worth it. It’s made me appreciate her even more. I love her immensely.
  • A half sister of mine is very ill and moved in with my parents early January of this year. She already is a bit difficult to deal with (there is a history of mental illness on her mothers side, and most members, especially women, have some mental illness) and since becoming ill, things have gotten worse. That’s what you do for family, though. You be there for them and help take care of them when times are rough.
  • I have taken initiative to become more involved in the art community where I live. My dad is a fantastic painter, and last April/May he was in a art festival where he won first prize. I’ve started working with the man in charge of this organization to help promote the event and find artists and musicians interested in participating. I’ve also signed up to volunteer for a very well-known and well-established art festival in the beginning of March as well as sign up to volunteer at our local community radio station and a few art galleries and museums. I am very excited to start meeting people with similar interests and begin painting and creating again.

Okay, that’s all that comes to mind at this moment for major things going on in my life. I know it’s a lot, to bear with me.

More recently, though, I’ve been stuck at home downloading tons of music because I’ve had a cold and want to stay home and rest, hoping it’ll go away soon. I’ve taken all this free time to promote the art festival more on Facebook and look for more ways to volunteer and become more involved in the art and music community where I live. My girlfriend is a drummer, and has recently helped to start up a drum-line, so I’m trying to find places we can both volunteer at where we’d both enjoy.

I’ve finally started feeling up to going out today, so I’m planning on going to the gym for a little bit. My girlfriend has battery practice tonight after work because they may be playing an event this Saturday, so I may not be able to see her until Saturday because she’ll be at practice tomorrow as well. We will see.

I think this is it tonight for blogging. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

P.S. I tag like crazy.